February 2, 2021

Our stay with Door County Cabin Collective ~ The Point


Slice of Heaven in Door COunty

The Point is a one of a kind family vacation in Door County that you never knew you needed. For our family, it checks off all our 'must-haves' and so much more. Privacy, sunrises, sunsets, ALL the water activities, a thoughtfully stocked kitchen and attentive hosts, who are ready to help in any way and make your stay the best it can be. From personal suggestions on all the local attractions, all the way down to creating such a welcoming environment at The Point, you just might not want to leave.

Things don't always go as planned

As a mom of six kids, I know all too well that my thoughtfully planned itinerary is usually bound to need adjustment. Well this time was no different, 'something' came up and inevitably our departure was pushed back. Instead of a late morning departure, let's just say I was nearly ready for dinner before everyone was in the car ready to go. After a three-ish hour drive from the suburbs of MKE we arrived at The Point much later than I had wanted. Sometimes the delays that seem like overwhelming disappointments, end up bringing just a little bit of joy. We arrived as the sun was sinking on our first night and let me tell you, it was simply magical. We were greeted by a little lighthouse shining its welcome beacon and the twinkly lights above the outdoor dining table as they invited us to our home away from home for the next four days. It was a welcomed invitation after a not so great start.

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The Cabin

Well I must say, the images really do not do this property justice. Even as a photographer, I found it hard to capture the heart of this property. The main cabin is a nicely appointed three bedroom, two and a half bathroom cabin. This rustic log cabin has beautiful updates sprinkled throughout to make your stay more comfortable. Jeremy and Caitlyn, owners and founders of Door County Cabin Collective, have allowed nature to be at the focal point of this property and when you have such an amazing property to showcase, why not?! The character and original features of this cabin have been highlighted through out, with thoughtful decor that has been intentionally chosen with their guests in mind. As a family of eight, the full size washer and dryer in the half bath and the dishwasher in the kitchen were life savers! The bonus spaces were the icing on the cake. The loft above the garage provided a little privacy for our teens and the Dog House made for a great 'club house' for our littles. Having access to a West AND East facing dock was a feature I never realized I needed in my life... but WHAT A GAME CHANGER! When one side was cold, the other was perfectly sunlit, when one was too windy, the other was calm and welcoming. Basically this equates to being able to utilize the water nearly every moment of the day. The Point is tucked away at the end of the road and you truly feel like you are alone on your our island allowing you the freedom to roam the property freely and feel right at home.

The Point was the first cabin the Jeffery's acquired and where the dream of the Door County Cabin Collective started. The following year a modern-eclectic H-frame just 15 driveways down from The Point was added. The light floods in from the 2 story windows that give way to stunning views of Clark Lake in the heart of The Bay. And although I have not had the pleasure of staying at this property, I have had the pleasure of photographing it. (I have been told that morning coffee in the cozy, pine-paneled sun room is nothing short of restoring. It is on my Door County Bucket List for sure!) This year the Jeffery's fell in love with a property off Clark Lake but not off water. Porte Haven is the newest member of the DC Cabin Collective family and knowing how much time and effort the Jeffery's put into each property, we can rest assured that it will be nothing short of amazing! Did I mention that all cabins in the DC Cabin Collective family are dog friendly? We just love it when we are able to bring Blue with us.


FIGHT . swim . PADDLEBOARD . EAT . NAP . SWIM . FISH . BOARDGAME . EAT . swim . sunset . laugh . Breathe . FISH . BONFIRE . SETLLE . TALK . Listen . snuggle . SLEEP .


Our Stay

We had beautiful, sun-filled weather for our stay in August. It was a quick little getaway right before diving into school. Let's call it our Final Summer Celebration.

I was raised in the Northwoods of Wisconsin, Chippewa Falls is where I called home. Being a Wisconsin native, I had always heard of Door County but I had never had the opportunity to visit. I know, it is almost as bad as living in Wisconsin and cheering for the Seahawks. When most of you think 'Door County' thoughts of art infused culture, quaint store fronts, unique eaters, community celebrations and cherries and lavender (right?!) start to fill your head. All this and many other sights, sounds and experiences draw travelers near and far. I was so excited to finally have the opportunity to explore this area with our family. The Point is an ideal launching pad. It is close enough to just about everything allowing you to plan day trips around the thumb of Wisconsin with ease. We, The Sojourn Family, are drawn to nature more than to public spaces. Naturally, we had our eyes set on the two closest parks to The Point, White Fish Dunes State Park and Cave Point County Park, both are less than two miles away. To our pleasant surprise, The Point had other plans for us.

Once we arrived and settled in for our four day, three night midweek stay, we never had the itch to leave. Days consisted of a similar routine. Mom's up first with Blue (our Australian Cattle Dog) enjoying a quiet morning sunrise with a hot cup of coffee around the fire pit. Slowly, each of the kids awoke and greeted the day with a quick bite to eat and then they were off. Once the first morning movements had occurred things really did not slow down much. Most mornings started with an early morning swim off the East facing dock where the sun warmed the water. Of course, exploration down to the point with Blue running after their heels was sure to follow. Afternoons were filled with swimming, kayaking and paddle boarding to and from dock to dock around the point. While board games, afternoon cat naps in the hammock and of course fishing filled the spaces in-between. As always, the occasional argument or fight was sprinkled in because let's be honest, there is always something that they can find to argue about. But for the most part, they were easily entertained.

JJ, our fisherman, was thrilled to have been able to fish off the docks and meander around the point at all hours of the day and even after the sun had set. He recommends a good pair of sandals, he prefers his Keens, when walking in and out of the water around the point. He was blest to have been taken out by boat with our friends a few times as well. Jeremy gave us all his expert advice on all the best fishing spots and I am happy to report that it was a success. The kids were able to catch enough fish for an evening fish fry. YUM! Nothing screams Wisconsin like a fish fry.

Evenings started with dinner around the impressive outdoor table. Our family of eight rarely feels small in any situation. Most of the time I find myself constantly trying to make us 'smaller' but this table had ample room for many more to join. With the fire pit right next to the table we easily transitioned to s'mores for the kids and a cocktail or two for the grown ups. And let's not forget about the amazing Door County Sunsets. DC Cabin Collective did not have boat rentals available during our stay but I was pleased to find out that they have added two pontoons which are available to rent during future stays and I would HIGHLY recommend it! It would have been quite the experience to take evening sunset boat tours around the lake as we caught up on the activities of the day. By bed time everyone was able to snuggle up in their own beds and spaces. Only to wake up the next morning and do it all again!

In a unique opportunity, our friends had been staying at The Bay just down the road and joined us one day for some fun. (PS. Both locations are able to hold multiple families. Just imagine the possibility of booking both cabins and bringing all your favorite people for a week! Oh the memories to be had) We were able to spend our day boating (our friends boat) complete with a sunset tubbing session, meals shared around the table, games won and lost but all laughed, the night ended with a beautiful sunset as we gathered around the campfire and a campfire movie projected on our outdoor screen. As quickly as the day drew to an end, so did our time at The Point. It was time to pack everything up and head back home.

Many memories were created and it really was the perfect way to end our summer and jump into the school year that was to start a few short days later.

Truly our Final Summer Celebration.

A few of our favorite things




The fishing, of course. Catching large mouth bass off the dock.


Windsurfing. Kayaking. Exploring the point.


Swimming. Playing board games together.


Swimming. Exploring the point. Playing in the Dog House.


Swimming. The big swing down at the point.


Dinners outside around the table. Campfires. Sunsets.


All of it. Simply all of it.

Items added to our Door COunty Bucket list


Cliff jumping at Cave Point County Park


Cliff jumping at Cave Point County Park


Water tubbing with a faster boat


Walk the beach at Whitefish Dunes State Park


Hike to Old Baldy


The Farm


JJ's La Puerta

Door County Brewing Company



The lavender fields on Washington Island

Wickman House

Thank you DC cabin Collective

A HUGE thank you to our hosts! Jeremy and Caitlyn were easy to work with, provided great information about the cabin and local attractions. They went above and beyond to make sure our stay was perfect. We would gladly stay with them again and we have already made plans to at the end of February 2021 at their most recently added cabin, Porte Haven.